Donnerstag, Juni 14, 2007

Welcome to My World!

I had to change the arrangement of the content (and future content) of my blog sites due to peculiarities of German copyright law with respect to citations. While a citation in a scientific paper can be long, as in as long as it needs to be, a citation in a non-scientific paper, article or blog entry has to be short, as in really short, meaning not a whole sentence or a quintessential message of the work it is quoted from.
I used this newly discovered freedom to quote to reorganize my stuff into a scientific area and scientifically orientated but not strictly scientific work. An expansion of the scope in the scientific part of my blogging activities is the good thing resulting from this separation, while a lot of cut and pasting had to be done in order to convince to transfer the 37 old entries to its new home. That is all done by now – less the comments.
Moreover, for all those English speaking folks out there: the principle language of the scientific blog shall be English (with one exception though, but you’ll notice that for sure).
So enjoy the new structure and start commenting on my work: This is what blogging is all about!